These two pictures were taking when Nick was about 10 years old. You can notice the big valley in the middle of his paddock. If it rains a lot, it develops a puddle then turns into a big muddy mess, which Nick will find and roll in.

These pictures show the trees having wells around them (so they won't die) and the sand being pushed into the paddock. (The quality of the pictures were not very good, old film)

Nick had to stay in his barn during the whole procedure, which took a day to complete. Thanks to the new house being built behind Nick's paddock, we were giving all the sand fill for free. Just had to pay for the bull dozer.

Aw....., the finished product, a nice level paddock with nice soft sand, but we did lose an old large shade tree. It died this past summer

We even installed all new
fencing around Nick's paddock. We
also installed a large paddock spotlight
so Nick could see and be seen at night on
his WebCam




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