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(or easy ways to spoil a horse)

Blessing.jpg (11538 bytes) Nick's annual visit to St. Peters Church for the blessing of the animals.
NickFriends.jpg (15178 bytes) Umm...... bless him one more time, just to make sure it sticks.
Church.jpg (13721 bytes) Lots of attention, now Nick is in his glory.
NickFriends1.jpg (13461 bytes) Carrots !!!......... these kids really know what Nick loves, they now have a friend for life.
NickFriends2.jpg (14432 bytes) "We'll........ maybe just one more, but 10 carrots (per hour) is my limit."

A big hug from a loved one, it doesn't get any better then this.

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These girls are Nick's "barnyard" friends. They come over once and a while to help Don feed and spoil Nick.




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    (or easy ways to spoil a horse)

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