The Chincoteague Pony Drill Team made its premiere performance at Equitana USA in June of 1998 in Louisville, Kentucky, when 8 young riders took their Chincoteague ponies on the road to show the world just how talented these ponies are. The eight ponies, ranging ins size from 11.3 hands to 13.3 hands, and age 3 to 18 years, were ridden by equestrians ranging in age from 12 to 21. All veteran riders in their own right, they came to Louisville, to bring the first ever appearance of a Chincoteague to light before the world. And light the world they did. Performing once daily at the four day event, they were well received during their 20 minute drill routine, one day even receiving a standing ovation after their act. The crowd seemed amazed by the talent of the flashy ponies, and many people found their way to the stalls before and after performances to learn more about the
Chincoteague pony. An added bonus to the event was a special appearance by Misty II, granddaughter of Misty, and her 1998 foal, known as Henry, who also made the trip to Equitana. Before the drill team would perform, Misty II would enter the ring, and Henry, who acted like he was born before a crowd, would scamper and romp across the arena, giving all a glimpse of  how special a Chincoteague foal can be. The drill team is now in the process of lining up their schedule of appearances for next year, and is looking for support as well as suggestions of shows that might want to sponsor an appearance. If anyone has suggestions, or wants more information about the drill team they can contact Kendy Allen, coach, at Contributions to the non profit group can be sent to treasurer Mrs. Sally Deitrich, 1316 Rock Circle Dr. Columbia, Pa. 17512. Looking forward to 1999 when the Chincoteague Pony Drill Team once again will take to the road for a short while. 





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